Prudy Foxx 


Since 1983, Prudy Foxx has been regarded as the “grape whisperer” in the Santa Cruz Mountains. 

Prudy feels the most successful approach to modern viticulture embraces the goals of organic farming by maximizing soil health.  As well as taking a holistic view of the environment to support healthy ecosystems that produce healthy vines and great wines.

The goal is a great flavor, balanced chemistry, soft skins with anthocyanins, and all minimal inputs.   “I want to put the ‘culture’ back into viticulture by bringing back sensitivity to the whole environment that is the vineyard. A holistic view, if you will. The soil below the vines is just as important as what is above. There is an amazing living community of precious microorganisms thriving in healthy soils that play a huge role in bringing the unique flavors of place to a wine”

“Basically, the best vines do most of the growing and fruit maturation on their own. The grower is there to manage canopies and keep the light and air flowing and the soils happy. The best growers are guardians of the vines.”